Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcome to the 4MindBodyHealth Blog!

Our goal at MindBodyHealth is to provide you with information on health issues and nutritional supplements that we hope can be beneficial for you in many ways.

On this 4MindBodyHealth Blog, we will be posting numerous articles on subjects relating to Mind, Body, and Health.  We will do our best to credit the author of all articles, and link to where we received the article from.  And of course, we welcome your comments on any articles.

We will also post information on other individuals and organizations that we feel could be helpful in maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mindset, including links to various other blogs and websites.

In most cases it's not necessarily a recommendation or endorsement of any particular person, product, or service, unless we mention that specifically, but more of a "Hey... check this out" kind of situation.

We will of course add links to our MindBodyHealth website product info pages so that you may be able to learn more about a specific nutritional supplement mentioned in an article that MindBodyHealth has available.

We will also occasionally post an 'Opinion' or two from the staff of MindBodyHealth, which we will call "What's On My Mind!"

Again, we welcome your comments on almost any post, but we do reserve the right to close the comments on certain articles and posts. 

We also reserve the right to remove any offensive and/or negative comments and posts, because we just don't need that.  This is an 'information sharing' blog, not a 'I hate the world' soundboard. 

A BIG part of MindBodyHealth is having a POSITIVE Mindset, and you'll see more on that in future posts.

So once again, we hope that this 4MindBodyHealth blog can be beneficial for you in many ways.